Essential documents in clinical trials

Creating an overview of all the documents to enable a comprehensive assessment of the clinical trial and the data quality requires a blend of expertise and logistic finesse. Let us help you take the stress out of a complex research process by taken care of printing, sourcing all the essential documents within clinical research.

GSB Clinical’s graphic designers and pre-press personnel make both layouts and technical corrections for all types of clinical trial materials. Typically, the clinical trial materials will be printed on digital machines, due to low quantities of printing materials. However, offset services are available if required. All our printing machines and finishing equipment are state-of-the-art, and we can meet all customer product requirements in-house, and we ensure a high quality in all services.

Your trusted partner in making trial materials with significant impact

Patient booklet

Information about the trial, including its purpose, eligibility, criteria, risks and benefits and procedures.

Patient questionnaire

Data on participants’ health, experiences and trial-related outcomes.

Clinical trial brochure

Provides key details about a research study to the participants.

Patient diary

A tool for participants to log their experiences, symptoms and medication use.

Patient ID card

A document issued to participants in a research study that includes identifying information.

Clinical trial flyer

Provides key details about a research study to the participants.

Patient leaflet

Services to inform participants about various aspects of the trial.

Patient card

Serves as a convenient reference for participants to keep track of their involvement in the study.

A partnership that gives you peace of mind

GSB Clinical is the only European printing company with vast experience within customized clinical trial solutions and specialized employees with thorough knowledge of medical terms under one roof. This unique combination enables us to run a seamless digital, graphic, printing and logistic workflow that ensures user-friendly clinical trial solutions for investigator staff and patients.

We work with Europe’s top pharma and biotech companies and have more than 25 years of experience in designing and producing products, services and logistics for clinical trials. Consequently, our team has a deep understanding of processes and workflows in the clinical trial printing, storage and logistics arena.

Equally important, we have a comprehensive and solid take on the services that pharma customers require of us to fulfill their individual demands in the printing and logistic process. We also ensure that our services, products and processes keep up with the ever-changing world and the requirements and needs from our customers.


Sustainability and CSR

Working with sustainability and CSR allow organizations to contribute positively to the environment and society. By implementing a number of sustainable practices and engaging in CSR initiatives, GSB Clinical believe that the organization and the employees are making a meaningful difference within our line of business. Our focus is to avoid leaving a negative imprint on the areas where we do business.