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Clinical trial materials are crucial components of the research process and ensuring that these materials have a significant impact is vital for the success of the trial. And we are here to help. GSB Clinical can take the stress out of a complex research process by taken care of printing, sourcing and distributing all materials needed for your clinical trials.

Whatever custom solutions for clinical research materials you may need, we can offer all required competences to run a seamless clinical trial printing and logistic workflow that quickly and safely brings materials to sites.

A partnership that gives you peace of mind

GSB Clinical is the only European printing company with vast experience within customized clinical trial solutions and specialized employees with thorough knowledge of medical terms under one roof. This unique combination enables us to run a seamless digital, graphic, printing and logistic workflow that ensures user-friendly clinical trial solutions for investigator staff and patients.

We work with Europe’s top pharma and biotech companies and have more than 25 years of experience in designing and producing products, services and logistics for clinical trials. Consequently, our team has a deep understanding of processes and workflows in the clinical trial printing, storage and logistics arena.

Equally important, we have a comprehensive and solid take on the services that pharma customers require of us to fulfill their individual demands in the printing and logistic process. We also ensure that our services, products and processes keep up with the ever-changing world and the requirements and needs from our customers.


Smooth out your clinical trial processes

Processes are of utmost importance to work efficiently, handling numerous customers and business partners printing, sourcing and distribution workflows simultaneously and on time.

Order flow

Most orders are handled through our customized web-based ordering and warehousing system. The platform is an intelligent, data-driven system for ordering, warehousing and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Each customer will have their own company URL and platform administrator who can tailor access for each employee, allowing them to enter the platform with personal logins.

The platform can be used for two purposes: As an ordering system or as an ordering and warehousing system. Inventory maintenance is a possibility for customers using the warehousing system. Both options can provide quotations and an overview of all past and present clinical trials, search and statistics at job and product level for each country.

Orders received by phone or e-mail are all entered into the system manually by a production manager to ensure a uniform order handling, i.e. a nine-step process that includes all relevant phases, information and technical specifications.

Quality and security

Our flat organizational structure accommodate customers with high demands and clear responsibilities around quality and security. We make sure that our suppliers meet the same requirements, as we ourselves are subject to from our customers. We do so by making evaluations on a regular basis.

Users have personal passwords, and only relevant personnel have access to file servers. All computers are installed with antivirus software, while a hardware firewall controls access to the company network.

Only internal personnel have access to enter our printing facilities, and they have all signed a non-disclosure agreement which is reviewed and updated annually.

All storage facilities are locked.

Quality manual

In cooperation with major pharma companies in Denmark, we have prepared a quality manual that covers all relevant standard operation procedures (SOPs) for clinical trial printing. The manual is continuously updated.

Clinical trial materials with significant impact

Processes are of utmost importance to work efficiently, handling numerous customers and business partners printing, sourcing and distribution workflows simultaneously and on time. GSB Clinical’s top focus areas are:

Essential Documents in Clinical Trials

Documents enabling comprehensive assessment of the study conduct and the data quality.

Trial Master File

A compilation of documents verifying that the clinical trial has been conducted following regulatory requirements.

Clinical Trial Protocol

A comprehensive overview of the research study, serving as a guiding manual for all members of the research team to maintain adherence to the prescribed methods and procedures.

Informed Consent Forms

A vital tool to equip subjects with the necessary information, enabling them to make an informed decision about volunteering for participation in a research study.

Crf Clinical Trial

A case report form is a printed or electronic document designed to collect the patient data that is required during a clinical trial.

Clinical Trial Logistics

Specialized medical partners ensuring safe, compliant, and swift clinical trial material handling, storage, packaging and distribution.

Clinical Trials Printing

Checking and preparing files, printing, finishing and securely packaging materials for dispatch.

GSB Clinical’s graphic designers and pre-press personnel make both layouts and technical corrections for all types of clinical trial materials. Typically, the clinical trial materials will be printed on digital machines, due to low quantities of printing materials. However, offset services are available if required. All our printing machines and finishing equipment are state-of-the-art, and we can meet all customer product requirements in-house, and we ensure a high quality in all services.

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Sustainability and CSR

Working with sustainability and CSR allow organizations to contribute positively to the environment and society. By implementing a number of sustainable practices and engaging in CSR initiatives, GSB Clinical believe that the organization and the employees are making a meaningful difference within our line of business. Our focus is to avoid leaving a negative imprint on the areas where we do business.