Clinical trial logistics

With more than 25 years of experience in clinical trial printing and logistics, GSB Clinical fully understand the services our customers require to fulfill their individual demands in the printing and logistic process.

Customized clinical trial storage

GSB Clinical’s warehouse is located next to our print house and offices in the Copenhagen area. With a capacity of 1,500m² and an unlimited storage period, we offer separate spaces to our customers for all clinical trial materials including third party products. If sensitive materials are stored, climate control is accessible.  Because confidentiality of customer materials is our top priority, all customers will have a locked storage room with separate door entrance.

Clinical trial shipping

Based on our in-house printing and warehouse facilities, we storage, pick and pack packages for shipping every day. We work in close cooperation with a carrier company specialized in pharma logistics with experience in worldwide distribution; they pick up current day’s shipping consignments every afternoon.

A partnership that gives you peace of mind

GSB Clinical is the only European printing company with vast experience within customized clinical trial solutions and specialized employees with thorough knowledge of medical terms under one roof. This unique combination enables us to run a seamless digital, graphic, printing and logistic workflow that ensures user-friendly clinical trial solutions for investigator staff and patients.

We work with Europe’s top pharma and biotech companies and have more than 25 years of experience in designing and producing products, services and logistics for clinical trials. Consequently, our team has a deep understanding of processes and workflows in the clinical trial printing, storage and logistics arena.

Equally important, we have a comprehensive and solid take on the services that pharma customers require of us to fulfill their individual demands in the printing and logistic process. We also ensure that our services, products and processes keep up with the ever-changing world and the requirements and needs from our customers.


Sustainability and CSR

Working with sustainability and CSR allow organizations to contribute positively to the environment and society. By implementing a number of sustainable practices and engaging in CSR initiatives, GSB Clinical believe that the organization and the employees are making a meaningful difference within our line of business. Our focus is to avoid leaving a negative imprint on the areas where we do business.