About GSB


Our Vision

GSB’s vision is to become a leader in Europe in the field of graphic products and associated services which are required to support clinical trials in the pharmaceutical and related industries.
GSB works with the leading medical and biotech companies in Europe and has more than 20 years of experience in designing and producing Case Report Forms and associated services. Today, we have modern digital production machinery which ensures the highest possible quality and control mechanisms to exclude errors and ensure on time delivery.
GSB has the following values:

  • Professional Skills
  • Social Responsibility
  • Visionary Thinking

These values are an integral part of GSB’s daily work and form the basis upon which GSB builds a culture for constant improvement and quality awareness.

Professional Skills

Each employee has the skills required to carry out his or her job. Understanding the product, the service and the customer’s requirements are key elements which are supported by both professional skills and sound curiosity. The skills and know-how developed by GSB are used exclusively for the benefit of its customers to ensure the highest level of service and quality. It is GSB's objective to provide the optimum service and quality every day.

Social Responsibility

GSB believes that the employees develop best when given the freedom to do so. This is why each employee is given great personal responsibility which helps develop both GSB and the individual employee. It is about social responsibility towards the employees, the customers and our society.

Visionary Thinking

The world is constantly changing and at GSB , the products, services and processes also develop through forward thinking to meet the needs of a changing business environment. We base our visions in employees who are ready for changes and in a high level of ethics in actions and relationships.

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