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CRF Production

Case Report Forms, referred to as CRFs, are one of the most important tools used for monitoring clinical trials in the medical and biotech industry. At GSB Clinical Services we assist our customers with all practical issues related to the graphic production. The graphic lay-out is developed in cooperation with the customer. Then, a proof copy is produced which undergoes careful examination to ensure that no errors are present in the CRF. The customer approved proof copy is then the master copy against which all subsequent production is checked.

GSB Clinical Services has invested in brand new digital production machinery which is used to produce the agreed number of CRFs. During the production process, variable data may be added such as Subject Number, Patient Number, barcodes etc. as defined by the customer. For each 50 copies produced, one copy is examined closely for accuracy and to ensure that the quality continues to match the customer approved master copy. The processes related to the production of the CRFs have been thoroughly tested and GSB’s skilled employees ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Once the production of a CRF has been carried out, it is stored in GSB’s “Storage Hotel”, where the stocks can be monitored online by the customer, before distribution as required is initiated. GSB Clinical Services has more than 20 years of experience in the design, production, storage and distribution of CRFs and today we are the leading supplier in the Nordic region. GSB Clinical Services has been audited by several leading medical companies in Scandinavia.

CRF Billede

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