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Digital writing

The power of this product lies in its simplicity. Digital writing with the digital pen and paper GSB Clinical supplies, is simple and accessible to everyone. It enables you to continue writing the way you are used to on existing forms. Simultaneously the data written is digitally available.

The digital pen

The digital pen is a ball pen provided with a minute digital camera and memory card. The pen communicates with your computer system so that you can process, store and subsequently safely transmit your handwritten data.

From ink to digital data, quick and easy

You write on paper with the digital pen and the information is digitalized via the pen, whether it concerns numeric data, text or drawings. Eventually you will get an identical copy of your handwritten page, except that the data has been digitalized. This data furthermore contains information about:

  • Identification: who has written the document
  • Determination of time: when and what time has the document been written
  • PaperID: identity of the unique form
By means of unique software, handwriting is recognized and verification of the data can be commenced immediately. This data can be imported automatically into existing systems.

The paper

Common types of paper are provided with a patented unique grid by E-script, which makes them suitable for digital pen use. What you see is an ordinary page completed with pen. Your computer system sees it as digital information.

“The best of both worlds”

Digital writing combines the specific advantages of paper and digital documents. The simplicity and ease of pen and paper are linked to the swift availability of digital documents. The most important advantages of digital writing are:

  • Cost saving
  • Time saving
  • “Real-time” availability of data
  • Simple integration with existing systems
  • Legally valid
  • Safe, fraud-proof
“By GSB our processes are digitalized without having to change working methods. Our employees continue working the way they are used to.”

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